Bare soil stripped of its top seed from invasive construction projects are highly vulnerable to erosion and sediment runoff. Unfortunately, this runoff can cause pollution downstream, leaching into vulnerable ecological systems, such as running streams and sewer systems. 

One form of erosion control, particularly effective on bare soil, is using straw. With the help of a straw blower, Valor Environmental can spread fresh straw across large swaths of unprotected landscapes to aid in revegetation, reseeding, and insulating the soil against high temperatures. 

What Is Straw Blowing?

Straw-blowing requires the use of a straw blower machine to mulch up large strands of straw and make them more spreadable across large spaces of land. The straw blower serves to disperse this straw mechanically with a blower that can cover large areas of land without having to spread this straw by hand. 

Straw blowers are considered a BMP of stormwater management because they help prevent erosion control and help the soil retain natural nutrients while they grow back to full strength. 

What Are the Benefits of Straw Blowing?

Unlike erosion control matting–which is highly effective–straw blowing is better suited for large spaces because the act of spreading the straw can be done with a machine. For this reason, straw blowing is often used over large stretches of land, such as near roadways and large open fields. 

Straw acts as a natural insulator over bare soil, which can help protect it against high temperatures that suck up moisture from the ground. One study has even shown that straw mulching can be highly effective when used to reseed areas recently impacted by fires. 

Most importantly, straw can protect the soil from erosion caused by rainfall. This aids greatly in stormwater management and can even save you money on other erosion control mechanisms. 

In sum, straw blowing can help protect bare soil, allowing its seeds to grow undisturbed. This helps with our hydroseeding process to revegetate and revitalize large areas of soil that construction activities have impacted.  

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Straw Blowing Service Areas

Valor Environmental services builders and contractors in the following states:

  • All Major Florida Metros
  • Southern Alabama
  • Houston; Austin; and San Antonio, Texas
  • Atlanta Metro and Savannah, Georgia
  • Charlotte, Raleigh, Triad, North Carolina
  • Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Southern Mississippi
  • Indianapolis, Indiana