The Clean Water Act requires most construction zones to implement BMPs that prevent soil erosion and sediment runoff, which can pollute the local environment. Part of this solution involves the use of temporary and permanent soil stabilizers, such as physical grass reinforcement meshes, which protect soil from over-compaction, flooding, and erosion. 

Valor Environmental will work with your construction company to implement proper BMPs that reduce the risk of soil erosion, including:

  • Installing grass mesh stabilizers.
  • Employing slope matting to slow sediment runoff. 
  • Phasing construction to reduce the amount of soil being disturbed at one time. 
  • Using conveyance channels to channel stormwater away from exposed soil.
  • Using buffers and slope grading to protect soil surfaces. 
  • Employing sediment traps and ripraps to slow the velocity of stormwater runoff. 

Once projects are complete, Valor Environmental will employ immediate soil stabilization methods to revitalize native soils, including reseeding and hydroseeding. 

Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Valor Environmental employs grass reinforcement mesh as a temporary barrier to preserve soils on construction sites from the impacts of heavy machinery and foot traffic. Thanks to their high-tensile strength polyethylene, grass reinforcement mesh can withstand heavy loads without bending or displacing the soil underneath.

Grass mesh is also UV-stabilized and hydrophobic, preventing soil erosion underneath the mesh. 

We employ grass mesh as a temporary barrier on several applications, including:

  • Construction work sites
  • Parking lots
  • Driveways
  • Graded slopes
  • Native vegetation surrounding worksites

Thanks to its lightweight design, it is easy to install and for very little money, so your construction crew can save more in the long run. 

 Heavy-Duty for Vehicles and Pedestrians



 Protects and Stabilizes Soil

 Saves Money

 Conserves Local Soil

Soil Stabilization Service Areas

Contact Valor Environmental for all of your SWPPP and stormwater management needs, including temporary or permanent soil stabilization. We serve clients in several major cities across nine states, including:

  • All Major Florida Metros
  • Southern Alabama
  • Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas
  • Atlanta Metro and Savannah, Georgia
  • Charlotte, Raleigh, and Triad, North Carolina
  • Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Southern Mississippi
  • Indianapolis, Indiana