Sediment and soil erosion can lead to pollution of surrounding waterways and a displacement of soil, which leads to vegetative rot. One area you may not think to be adversely affected by this is the trees surrounding a construction site.

Tree root zones can be impacted and disturbed by anything from increased job site foot traffic to soil contamination from sediment runoff. Therefore, it’s imperative to erect proper BMPs around job sites, including storm drains, vegetation, and trees, to protect local ecosystems from extensive and expensive damage. 

In turn, revitalizing job sites after construction activity ceases will be less costly and faster to execute. 

For all of your tree and inlet protection needs, contact the experts at Valor Environmental to assist you. 

Storm Drain Inlet Protection

Proper stormwater management is required by The Clean Water Act if you will be discharging into public waterways. Part of any SWPPP and sediment control plan should involve using storm drain inlet protection for any on-site storm drains not protected by silt fencing, storm basis, etc. 

Storm drain inlet protection is considered one of the last methods to control sediment runoff, which is why it’s so important for job sites to erect proper BMPs. 

Valor Environmental will work with your construction crew to identify vulnerable storm drains and erect proper inlet protection, including interior and exterior traps and filters. 

We will also implement proper BMPs to ensure that all sediment pooled and settled around exterior inlets are frequently cleared and cleaned to allow for more sediment to be filtered in the future. 

Construction Tree Protection

No SWPPP is complete without proper protection of surrounding vegetation and trees. Since tree roots can extend 2-3x further than the height of trees, it’s important not to disturb or displace too much of a tree’s root zone to prevent deforestation and other environmental mishaps. 

Not only do healthy trees provide a shady microclimate to restabilize vegetation after disruption, but they also protect homes from potential forest fires and falls. 

Valor Environmental will work with your crew to identify trees worth preserving and erect proper BMps to preserve the integrity of trees, as well as their surrounding soil, from sediment contamination.

Conserve Local Ecosystems

Save Money on Stabilizing Soil

Preserve Natural Landscapes

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