Federal laws require the use of erosion control best management practices (BMPs) at the start of construction projects to prevent soil erosion and pollution of local habitats. 

Valor Environmental is a leading erosion control company specializing in SWPPP management and environmental consulting to ensure your construction project follows all of the EPA’s BMPs.

Valor Environmental provides erosion control services in Houston (TX), Austin (TX), San Antonio (TX), Nashville (TN), Richmond (VA), Indianapolis (IN), Southern Alabama, all major cities in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Our team will work within your existing SWPPP or can create our own native SWPPP to promote the use of BMPs to reduce soil erosion and stabilize native vegetation so that your construction projects are always legally compliant. 

Why Is Erosion Control Important?

Erosion control protects the integrity of native topsoil, which helps in regulating water flow and holds nutrients in the ground. In turn, erosion control protects native vegetation, eliminates pollutants from stormwater runoff, and even protects against nearby flooding from rapid stormwater discharge. 

Erosion Control Solutions

Our erosion control services start with an inspection of the area and then a drafting or review of your existing SWPPP to discover ways to implement BMPs into your erosion control plan. 

Some of our erosion control services include:

  • Soil Stabilization
  • Erosion Control Matting and Blankets
  • Hydroseeding
  • Silt Fencing
  • Wattles
  • Ripraps
  • Tree Protection
  • Inlet Protection
  • Straw Blowing
  • Retention Pond Maintenance
  • SWPPP Inspections and Reviews

Valor Environmental works with all kinds of people, from builders to conservation districts, to ensure that commercial projects don’t erode and destroy the integrity of nearby land and vegetation. 

We can apply erosion control services to graded surfaces, roads, gravel projects, and any commercial construction projects available.  

Once proper BMPs are erected, we can provide weekly maintenance services and routine inspections to ensure proper BMPs are in place ongoing. 

Benefits of Erosion Control Services

Ensures Proper Quality Control

Prevents Soil Erosion

Prevents Sediment Runoff and Pollution

Conserves Water Usage

Preserves Native Vegetation

Promotes Tidy Landscaping

BMP Stormwater Management

Valor Environmental is knowledgeable in all of the leading stormwater management best practices, from non-structural BMPs to structural ones. We employ a variety of tools based on the geography of the landscape and the available budget of the builders. 

Most importantly, we see projects through to their end so that we can ensure that all vegetation is restored and all surrounding landscapes are left the way they were initially found. 

For any questions or help with implementing proper stormwater BMPs, contact us today, and we will get back as soon as possible. Ask us for a free quote to get started on implementing appropriate stormwater BMPs to guard against soil erosion.  

SWPPP Service Areas

Valor Environmental provides SWPPP services to residents in the following states.

  • All Major Florida Metros
  • Southern Alabama
  • Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas
  • Atlanta Metro and Savannah, Georgia
  • Charlotte, Raleigh, and Triad, North Carolina
  • Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Southern Mississippi
  • Indianapolis, Indiana