Soil erosion is an important consideration in any construction project and a major component of your stormwater protection plan. Not only does soil erosion lead to potential sediment runoff, but it can make the surrounding habitat inhabitable for a long period of time once construction has ceased. 

One of the most effective forms of erosion control is the use of special erosion control matting. This unique mixture of natural and synthetic materials helps stabilize soil and prevent new vegetation growth once construction activities have ceased. 

Valor Environmental uses erosion control matting as part of most of its stormwater management plans, especially on projects with large grading–also known as slope matting. Slope matting protects areas most vulnerable to erosion, including large slopes and banks. 

What Is Erosion Control Matting?

Erosion control matting employs specially designed mats that can cover large stretches of land to protect native soil from disruption and erosion.

Erosion control mats may consist of several materials, including natural fibers like straw and coir or synthetic ones like plastic. Depending on their material construction, erosion control mats can last anywhere from 12 months to years. 

Most builders employ erosion control mats on slopes and inclines because they cover vulnerable soil from strong-flowing stormwater runoff that may displace large amounts of soil. 

In turn, erosion control blankets protect native vegetation and prevent pollution of local sewers and drains

Expert Slope Protection

Large-grade slopes are often the most vulnerable areas of any construction site to erosion and sediment runoff. Slope matting helps shield the underlying soil from runoff and also helps trap fine sediment particles before they are discharged into a public water source. 

Valor Environmental’s erosion control matting for commercial projects can offer builders several benefits and make them SWPPP compliant. 

Stabilizes Soil

Prevents Soil Erosion

Promotes New Plant Life

Retains Value of property

Prevents Sediment Runoff

SWPPP Compliant


Easy to Install

Erosion Control Matting Service Areas

For all of your erosion control needs, be sure to contact Valor Environmental. We service residents in any part of the following states:

  • All Major Florida Metros
  • Southern Alabama
  • Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas
  • Atlanta Metro and Savannah, Georgia
  • Charlotte, Raleigh, and Triad, North Carolina
  • Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Southern Mississippi
  • Indianapolis, Indiana