Sediment control is a common concern on construction sites, as too much sediment runoff can flood sewer systems and cause damage to local infrastructure and foliage. In many cases, sediment control in the form of silt fencing is required for SWPPP compliance and by local municipal codes. 

Valor Environmental offers perimeter control services, including silt fence installation for builders and contractors trying to contain sediment runoff from a large construction site. 

We also offer several sediment and erosion control services, including.

  • Turbidity Barriers
  • Wattles
  • Tree Protection
  • Soil Stabilization

In addition, Valor Environmental may use alternative forms of sediment control, such as ripraps and sediment barriers that control the flow of sediment runoff.  

What Is a Silt Fence?

A silt fence consists of a durable geotextile fabric held in place by large wooden posts that help control the flow of sediment runoff from your property. Silt fences are typically installed at the point where grading takes place to capture the most amount of sediment and slow the flow of stormwater runoff. 

Silt fencing is considered one of the most effective best management practices (BMPs) of sediment control. As a result, silt fencing is an indispensable part of any effective stormwater management plan and one that needs to be installed early to achieve the most desired impact. 

Importance of Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is an important aspect of every construction project and is often required by law to receive a general construction permit. 

Sediment erosion and runoff can have grave environmental effects, not the least of which includes heavy fines that could shut down your construction project. 

Don’t let your construction project suffer from improper or missing silt fencing. Unlike some forms of sediment control, silt fencing is cost-effective, easy to install, and highly effective at managing stormwater. 

The next time you choose an environmental consultant, be sure to choose one that offers silt fencing services. 

Silt Fencing for Construction and Contracting

Our expert staff works with home builders, grading companies, municipal workers, and all general contractors to erect sedimental control mechanisms in place that keep your construction site safe and free from fines. 

Expert Sediment Control

Durable and Long-Lasting


Timely Installation


Legally Compliant

Silt Fencing Service Areas

Valor Environmental services builders and contractors in the following states:

  • All Major Florida Metros
  • Southern Alabama
  • Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas
  • Atlanta Metro and Savannah, Georgia
  • Charlotte, Raleigh, and Triad, North Carolina
  • Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Southern Mississippi
  • Indianapolis, Indiana